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ONE Handmade Bracelet Charm Handmade Charm

Rustic Luster

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Handmade Charm, Artisan Dream Bracelet Charm or Necklace Pendant: A little reminder to DREAM, our Rustic Luster word artisan charm has uneven edges for that true unique hand crafted allure. We finish it off with oxidation that we carefully polish away from the high spots leaving the sparkling sterling silver to shine through our smaller charms to increase the illusion of depth.

MEASURES: 7mm wide (~3/8”) and 25mm (1 inch) in total length which includes the 18ga wire loop to accommodate a 3mm cord, or a doubled 1.5mm cord.

IDEAS: Cute worn on its own as a focal point pendant hanging from a chain, and super neat as part of a layered set of necklaces. A thin strip of leather through it makes a cool minimalist necklace, or ideal as an inspirational charm knotted on a silk wrap bracelet. Try a pair as earrings, too.

This piece is sterling silver but since we use our molds for both sterling and gold bronze it will lack the .925 stamp.

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